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Treatment with red light has become insanely popular in recent years and goes by several different names such as: LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) and Red & Nir Infrared light, as well as Photobiomodulation.

How does red and NIR light improve ATP production? Red light therapy is designed to improve cellular function. It can help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and improve the performance of energy-generating mitochondria in the cell. Red light therapy can increase the number of mitochondria and also increase their function in the cell. One of the main mechanisms of red light therapy related to mitochondrial function is a higher-efficiency electron transport chain mediated by cytochrome C oxidase (Cox). In addition, dissociation of bound nitric oxide (NO) and Cox (NO-Cox) is possible, which is a harmful obstacle to ATP production. Essentially, NO-Cox breaks down the cellular system for ATP production, and red and NIR light help prevent and reverse this problem.

NO (nitric oxide) is a competitive inhibitor of oxygen, meaning it takes oxygen’s rightful place on the ATP synthase enzyme and causes the cell to work less efficiently as a result. During the creation of ATP synthase, NO competes with oxygen, limiting the eventual production of ATP. This also increases oxidative stress, which can lead to cellular death. The photons in red and NIR light excite electrons, which help break nitric oxide bonds so H+ ions can move through the process more efficiently, resulting in greater levels of ATP energy that power your cells and body. 

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